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Madden NFL 12

MADDEN NFL 12 v1.0.0 Requirements: Android 2.1 Overview: BOOM! Feel the excitement of NFL Football, anytime, anywhere with Madden NFL 12 for Android. With hard hitting action and beefed up rosters (over 2500 real NFL players!), get the ultimate football experience now!

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Death Worm PlayCreek LLC apk

PlayCreek LLC Death Worm v1.08 (Android)Meet the highly anticipated Android version of the *ORIGINAL* Death Worm game (a Top-50 indie game of all times according to Control the mind-boggling underground monster with your finger! Eat people, animals and birds, blow up cars and tanks, bring down planes and helicopters, defeat the army and even the aliens!

Death Worm PlayCreek LLC apk
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Cut the Rope ZeptoLab apk files

Finally the wait is over cut the rope pak. One of the most popular games of the recent times ” Cut the Rope” is now available for Android users cut the rope android . It is an award-winning mobile game app from ZeptoLab which is first released for iOs cut the rope cpk. The game became instant hit which reached 1 million downloads on its launch day for iphone users.

Cut the Rope ZeptoLab apk files

Use Your Handwriting GOLD 5.6 STORM

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Use Your Handwriting GOLD 5.6 STORM


Are you used to typing furiously with your thumbs on a virtual keyboard? With UYH® you will use smooth, flowing hand and finger motions that produce beautiful handwriting. If you find it relaxing to read these sentences, then rest assured that enacting them is even more satisfying.


Our users say that UYH is “a replacement for pen and paper.” Create unlimited multi-level lists of notes with no length limit. Cut and paste notes between lists, make notes blink or dim them to indicate priority. Any note can be turned into a list with a quick double tap. UYH makes note taking simple but effective.


No matter what your 4th grade teacher told you, you have beautiful handwriting. What you couldn’t do with a pen, you can do with the UYH calligraphic handwriting engine. Write over white or black and choose between five different writing styles. Your calligraphy will be amazing everyone in no time.


If you hunger for more than the rich default feature set of UYH, you can enhance your experience with an optional purchase of MyUYH, an online companion to the app available as an in-app purchase. MyUYH intelligently merges your lists and notes on all of your devices so that you can access your data everywhere and collaborate on your lists with family and friends. It also lets you visualize your notes and lists online at myuyh. MyUYH is NOT REQUIRED, but is a helpful companion to the functionality of UYH Gold.

Use Your Handwriting GOLD

☆ Note size unlimited – just keep writing
☆ Create unlimited multilevel lists
☆ Write in multiple colors, or with rainbow ink!
☆ Share messages via Facebook, Twitter or Email
☆ Save notes to your photo album, or paste them in other apps
☆ Cut and paste notes between lists

What’s New in Use Your Handwriting GOLD Version 5.6

5.6: This quick update to version 5.5 fixes an issue affecting some device types that would distort the layout of the UI preventing movement between lists.

The main change in this update set is a brand new user interface whose design has been brewing in our minds ever since the first release of the UYH app in 2008. With it, we have fully realized our original vision for Use Your Handwriting. All of the items in our original todo list are now checked and zapped away, making room for a new, longer and much more ambitious feature list for 2012. On that note, we hope that you enjoy this version and wish all of our users a very happy holiday season.

★ Holiday SALE! 75% off till Jan 1 ★ Join over 5 Million people in rediscovering the magic of cursive writing. Use Your Handwriting® is a tool that lets you write notes, Facebook posts, Tweets and Email in your very own handwriting. Moreover it doubles up as a powerful list maker and personal organizer.

Intrigued? Read on…

b1733c97f3201unu.jpg Use Your Handwriting GOLD 5.6 STORM

 Use Your Handwriting GOLD 5.6 STORM

Download Use Your Handwriting GOLD v5.6 STORM
Category: Productivity
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


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