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Madden NFL 12

MADDEN NFL 12 v1.0.0 Requirements: Android 2.1 Overview: BOOM! Feel the excitement of NFL Football, anytime, anywhere with Madden NFL 12 for Android. With hard hitting action and beefed up rosters (over 2500 real NFL players!), get the ultimate football experience now!

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Death Worm PlayCreek LLC apk

PlayCreek LLC Death Worm v1.08 (Android)Meet the highly anticipated Android version of the *ORIGINAL* Death Worm game (a Top-50 indie game of all times according to Control the mind-boggling underground monster with your finger! Eat people, animals and birds, blow up cars and tanks, bring down planes and helicopters, defeat the army and even the aliens!

Death Worm PlayCreek LLC apk
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Cut the Rope ZeptoLab apk files

Finally the wait is over cut the rope pak. One of the most popular games of the recent times ” Cut the Rope” is now available for Android users cut the rope android . It is an award-winning mobile game app from ZeptoLab which is first released for iOs cut the rope cpk. The game became instant hit which reached 1 million downloads on its launch day for iphone users.

Cut the Rope ZeptoLab apk files

Android Apps | Free | Apk Files |Ringtone Maker Pro 1.4.8 (Android)

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Ringtone Maker Pro 1.4.8 (Android)

Overview: Ringtone Maker for Android™ using your MP3′s and more!

Requirements: Android OS 1.6 and up

Price: $1.01


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Ringtone Maker Pro v1.4.8

☆☆ 50% OFF for a limited-time! Thank you for making our App so popular. ☆☆

Make unlimited free ringtones with the music on your Android™ device. Advanced ringtone making options included! Based on technology from our award-winning web service , you’ll choose from both popular edits generated by users online and options to “drag’n’drop” fine-tuned editing controls for making your own ringtones in just seconds!

We offer the best ringtone maker in the Android market.

Ringtone Maker Features:

- Create unlimited ringtones, custom lengths… up to 40-seconds!

- Make “text tones” of 6 seconds or less, using our same App!


- Supports popular audio-formats (MP3, M4A)

- Fine-tuning buttons (+/-)

- Suggested ringtone entry points from our website

- Ringtones may also be used for alarm clocks & contacts

- Installs ringtones automatically!

To make a ringtone: 1) Open the ‘Ringtone Maker’ App. 2) Choose a song from your device’s ‘Music’ Library. 3) Use the ‘slider control’ and ‘fine-tuning buttons’ to create the ringtone of your liking! — Instant previewing and unlimited, high-quality ringtone conversions are built-in.

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What’s New in Ringtone Maker Pro version:

- Twitter and Facebook sharing capabilities!

- Fine-tuning options automatically restart ringtone playback when editing!

- No editing restrictions! Up to 40 Seconds, unlike those other Apps.

- New language translations.

- Small updates and bug fixes.

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Download Instructions: Ringtone Maker Pro 1.4.8 (Android)

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