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Madden NFL 12

MADDEN NFL 12 v1.0.0 Requirements: Android 2.1 Overview: BOOM! Feel the excitement of NFL Football, anytime, anywhere with Madden NFL 12 for Android. With hard hitting action and beefed up rosters (over 2500 real NFL players!), get the ultimate football experience now!

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Death Worm PlayCreek LLC apk

PlayCreek LLC Death Worm v1.08 (Android)Meet the highly anticipated Android version of the *ORIGINAL* Death Worm game (a Top-50 indie game of all times according to Control the mind-boggling underground monster with your finger! Eat people, animals and birds, blow up cars and tanks, bring down planes and helicopters, defeat the army and even the aliens!

Death Worm PlayCreek LLC apk
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Cut the Rope ZeptoLab apk files

Finally the wait is over cut the rope pak. One of the most popular games of the recent times ” Cut the Rope” is now available for Android users cut the rope android . It is an award-winning mobile game app from ZeptoLab which is first released for iOs cut the rope cpk. The game became instant hit which reached 1 million downloads on its launch day for iphone users.

Cut the Rope ZeptoLab apk files

Android Apps | Free | Apk Files |Jota+ (Text Editor) PRO 0.3.04 (Android)

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Jota+ (Text Editor) PRO 0.3.04 (Android)

Overview: Jota+ (i-o-ta plus) is a MAJOR UPDATE of Jota Text Editor.

Requirements: Android Device OS 2.1 and up

Price: $4.46


9QWNhze eOfV78Uq8l27vZ2eE gTGCQ ch5 Jota+ (Text Editor) PRO 0.3.04 (Android) ft84C0z Jota+ (Text Editor) PRO 0.3.04 (Android)

Jota+ (Text Editor)

★New features of Jota+

- Support multi-file feature!

- Support external file systems! ( Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, SkyDrive etc )

- Support root access!

- Modern UI based on ICS!

- Highlight searching words!

(External FS and root access needs plugins. If you don’t need them Jota+ doesn’t connect to network.)

★Many features successed from Jota Text Editor

- Support 1 million characters.

- Support many character codes and Auto-Detect feature.

- Search/Replace (Support Regular Expression)

- Support Install-shortcut feature.

- Auto save.

- Show Line numbers.

- Show Tab/Linebreak mark.

- Customizable Toolbar.

- Customizable Syntax highlght.

- Support physical-keyboard devices.

- Support BlueTooth Keyboard. (Android 3.0 or later)

- Support Android 2.2 or later. (Recommnded high-tier device)

- Safe app without any ads and any evil permission requests.

- And other good things from Jota Text Editor!

★FREE for trial. So some features are locked.

Supports until 2 files at same time.

Cannot use external file systems and root access.

Cannot set background images.

Cannot use backup/restore preferences.

PRO-KEY app is now on sale!

★For donors of Jota Text Editor (with Google Play Store).

You guys do not need to wait the PRO-KEY. All new features are unlocked for you.

Thanks for your donation. Please feedback!

▼Jota+ doesn’t support Right-to-Left language, too.


I prohibit to distribute Jota+ in places other than Google Play.

If you downloaded this app other than Google Play, it may be a malware.

▼I don’t reply to anything on Review Comments.

If you have trouble or suggestion, mail for me.

I may not reply to all request. But I’ll read all mail. Thanks.

▼To avoid to lose editing file, don’t check “Auto Update”.


- Jota+ can’t hide Action Bar and Tab Bar on the top of screen.

It’s featured. Sorry.

▼If you can’t activate PRO-KEY, try following.

Make sure that your device is connected to internet and logged in to Google.

Confirm PRO-KEY is installed from System Settings.

Click Menu – Preference – Activate PRO-KEY.

reboot device and start Jota+.

uninstall and re-install Jota+ or PRO-KEY.

- If you’re donor of Jota Text Editor, install original Jota

and click Menu – preference – MISC – Activate Jota+ option.

- If you have troubled with Activation, please mail to Developer.

What’s New in Jota+ (Text Editor) PRO version:

[2013/02/23 v.0.3.05]

Added Chinese (Simplified) resoruces. (Thanks to EraserKing!)

Change “HardwareAccerelation” flag to true.

Fixed force crash bug.

0ZflpVHHK ZiYA waXuibHNPo2BkZ0g7Rzp Jota+ (Text Editor) PRO 0.3.04 (Android)

android Jota+ (Text Editor) PRO 0.3.04 (Android)

Download Instructions: Jota+ (Text Editor) PRO 0.3.04 (Android)

Modded : + Pro Feature Enabled, NO Key Required

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