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Madden NFL 12

MADDEN NFL 12 v1.0.0 Requirements: Android 2.1 Overview: BOOM! Feel the excitement of NFL Football, anytime, anywhere with Madden NFL 12 for Android. With hard hitting action and beefed up rosters (over 2500 real NFL players!), get the ultimate football experience now!

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Death Worm PlayCreek LLC apk

PlayCreek LLC Death Worm v1.08 (Android)Meet the highly anticipated Android version of the *ORIGINAL* Death Worm game (a Top-50 indie game of all times according to Control the mind-boggling underground monster with your finger! Eat people, animals and birds, blow up cars and tanks, bring down planes and helicopters, defeat the army and even the aliens!

Death Worm PlayCreek LLC apk
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Cut the Rope ZeptoLab apk files

Finally the wait is over cut the rope pak. One of the most popular games of the recent times ” Cut the Rope” is now available for Android users cut the rope android . It is an award-winning mobile game app from ZeptoLab which is first released for iOs cut the rope cpk. The game became instant hit which reached 1 million downloads on its launch day for iphone users.

Cut the Rope ZeptoLab apk files

Android Apps | Free | Apk Files |Chm Reader X 1.5.130124 (Android)

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Chm Reader X 1.5.130124 (Android)

Overview: Chm Reader X

Requirements: Android Device OS 1.6 and up

Price: $1.99


gg3vQB5nCpS3VMWJDx0TmitVxuUawutoODS Chm Reader X 1.5.130124 (Android)



A light weight yet faster CHM Reader for tablet and phone with following features:

1. Better performances using highly optimized CHM parsing engine. Especially it can open large CHM file (>100M) file much faster than other readers.

2. Better compatibility with ill-formatted CHM document. It can open some file which couldn’t be opened by other readers.

3. Content tree view support.

4. Search function

5. Full screen support

6. Keep reading state such as page postion, zoom level between different read sessions.

7. Support CHM, HTML files.

8. Use volume down/up to turn pages

9. Associated with CHM/HTML file in the file manager. (Only work with certain file managers, e.g. OI File manager)

10. Bookmark support.

11. Support language encoding setting in case the CHM file can’t display charset properly.



Internet Access Permission: to open external link to internet embedded in some CHM files.



Please help to leave a rating if you like it.

Please make sure to send me a email if there’s any issue, I’ll try to find a solution asap. Just leaving a comments on Play or just send a message on crash report won’t help as I have no way to communicate back so I can’t know the details for trouble shooting.



If you are not satisfied for any reason within one week. I’ll make a FULL REFUND, and you can still keep it. To request a refund, just shoot me an email with order date and order number.



1. Can’t see the menu buttons to enable all the functions.

In Android 4.0 and above, the menu button is a list of 3 vertical dots on the right-bottom side of the screen.

2 when clicking link on the content page, It has lag in response in certain devices.

As content page is an HTML page, when you click a link, the browser sometime will treat it as pan event instead of click event if you hold you finger a little bit longer on screen, in that case browser won’t open the link. So the solution is make sure to click very briefly, don’t touch screen for longer time.

What’s New in Chm Reader X version:

Version: 1.5.130124

Move the uncompressed cached file to android application directory so that cached images won’t be shown in image viewers.

As this change is not compatible with previous cache format, so previous file history state will be discarded.

Version: 1.5.130103

Fix navigation issue for certain chm files.

Fix clear history not working issue.

Version: 1.5.121231

Add set Character Encoding preference add more language.

zfaroOL iIOOLWRuMHXQ41NNgblHJSgBCJR Chm Reader X 1.5.130124 (Android) ieP7CqBLomXIBv6xU2193eSOs6kpnB2P387 Chm Reader X 1.5.130124 (Android)

android Chm Reader X 1.5.130124 (Android)

Download Instructions: Chm Reader X 1.5.130124 (Android)

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